Mt Damavand (5670m) – South route – June 2014


Day 1 – Saturday June 7, 2014 : Arrival flight at IKA airport in Tehran on 00:45am; One hour of drive to hotel

for check in; Sightseeing in Tehran including Grand Bazar of Tehran and a palace of Shah; Dinner in a nice

restaurant in Darband in Northern Tehran at the very bottom of Mt Tochal; Overnight in hotel in Tehran

Day 2 – Sunday June 8, 2014: Free time and shopping necessary items for the mountain in the morning;

Leaving at noon toward BC of Mt Damavand in South side at 3000m; This drive takes around 3 hours, while

we stop in the way for the lunch; Overnight in the tent in BC of South side

Day 3 – Monday June 9, 2014: We start in the morning to go up toward Bargah-e-Sevom, which is the high

camp of Damavand in south route. This trek takes 4-5 hours, when the mules will carry our luggage to the

high camp; Overnight inside Bargah-e-Sevom new hut

Day 4 – Tuesday June 10, 2014: This is the acclimatization day. We climb up for a few hours and come back

to Bargah-e-Sevom for acclimatization; Overnight inside Bargah-e-Sevom new hut

Day 5 –Wednesday June 11, 2014 : Summit day; We start early in the morning and go up through the

descent trail of south route that takes 6-7 hours to go up and some 3 hours to come back; Overnight inside

Bargah-E-Sevom new hut

Day 6 – Thursday June 12, 2014 :We trek back to BC and drive back to Tehran; Check in at hotel for

recovery shower after Damavand; Dinner in a traditional restaurant with live music

Day 7 – Friday June 13, 2014: Morning drive toward Maranjab desert near city of Kashan that is around

250Km south of Tehran (this drive will be around 3 and a half hours). We’ll visit the salt lake, go for a short

hiking over beautiful sand dunes and visiting an old caravanserai; Around one hour of drive back to city of

Kashan for the night to sleep inside a guest house that is a renovated old house with beautiful architecture

Day 8 – Saturday June 14, 2014 : Sightseeing in Kashan and visiting historical houses and historical baths as

well as visiting a mosque, Bazar and Fin Garden; After taking dinner in a Restaurant in Kashan, we drive

toward the airport that is 40km south of Tehran in the way back to Tehran (almost 2 hours of drive)

Day 9 – Sunday June 15, 2014 : Arriving to the airport early in the morning for check in the flight; Departure

flight at 3:35am


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